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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked all the time. So to save the hassle, we've posted them here for you to read!

How much does it cost?

Tickets are $59 per person. However, in late November and December ticket prices may change for the Christmas season (you will find these in Ticket Prices).


What does the ticket price include?

The ticket price includes your pre-show entertainment, 4 hour (approx.) live variety show with a half hour intermission and a dance party after the show.


Do I need to have a booking or can i just show up on the night?

Yes, you definitely need to book before the night as seats are allocated within the theatre.


What Time do you start?

Doors Creak open at 6:00pm Sharp!


Are kids allowed to come and see the show?

Yes, kids under 18 are welcome to come along. However it is up to their parents discretion as it is an adult comedy night with adult humour. 


How can I make a payment?

Frightnight accepts all forms of payment.

We accept Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX*), Direct Deposit, and PayPal. *AMEX may attract a surcharge.


What do I wear?

Casual clothes are perfectly fine. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. However a lot of groups like to dress in fancy dress just for the fun of it. But this is not a necessity.


What happens if I cancel?

Tickets are non-refundable. However, we do honour them if you decide a future date is more suitable.


What happens if I have friends that don’t turn up on the night?

Unfortunately it is their bad luck if they don’t come. However tickets can be transferred to another night if given notice before the night of the show.


Whats for dinner?

Dinner is provided by the venue and is included in your ticket price. Please ask when booking for information.
Stay tuned for venue-specfic menus for our shows.


Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

If you have certain dietary requirements, please inform us prior to show day. Outside food (besides prior-arranged cakes) is strictly prohibited by Campbelltown RSL. A bistro and full bar is available on premises.


Can I bring a cake?

Yes of course you can bring a cake! We will even make it part of the entertainment and bring it out during the Show!. (It makes it a lot more fun!). Please let us know if you will be bringing a cake as we need to arrange fridges before the show.


Do you provide invitations?

We certainly do provide invitations! Just let us know how many you would like and they will be mailed out the same day.

Call 1300 978 266 or Click Here to book online.





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