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The Frightnight Cast Singing Live On Stage

Welcome to Frightnight!

Frightnight is Sydney's premier comedy theatre experience. After 18 years of operation, we know what it takes to make an unforgettable night out.

Tickets are only $59 per person and include a 4 hour show (approx.), Scrumptious dinner, table snacks, cake and possibly the best night out you have ever had! Read More...
Perfect for all occasions, including:The 2017 Frightnight Cast
●Bucks and Hens Nights
●Christmas Parties
●Birthday Parties
●Comedy Nights

Call now to book your tickets... If you dare!
1300 978 266

*** Remember Children under 18 are welcome to come along however it is an adult comedy nightwith adult humour so it is up to their parents if they come along ***