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The Show

Frightnight has just celebrated its 19th Birthday and has grown into one of Sydney’s Favourite Attractions.

We have entertained over half a million people in that time and we are constantly growing.

Group PhotosWe offer a complete night out with plenty of fun and extremely cheeky entertainment. Your night out begins at 6.00pm when our crazy characters meet and greet you. Please don’t be offended by them... just laugh and have fun. Our pre-show entertainment continues until 7pm. You will be entertained with game shows and an opportunity to take group photos to remember your amazing experience here at Frightnight. You will also have the chance to win some great prizes!

Then begins the first half of the show, which is performed by some of Sydney’s most talented entertainers who are all fantastic singers, dancers and actors. Our resident comedians will have you crying with laughter.

Dr Frank

The variety of our show seems to suit all ages and they just keep coming back. Kids are welcome but please remember there is adult humour in our show so we like to leave that decision up to the parents. We have a half an hour intermission followed by the second half of the show, which includes our brilliant finale…. ;-)

After the show we keep the music pumpin, the lights flashin and the bar open so you can mingle with the crowd and entertainers until late*.

We offer a complete night out and memories that will last a lifetime.
So come along if you dare... Let yourself go... Let your hair down... Experience it for yourself.
Half a million people can’t be wrong!

We look forward to seeing you here at Frightnight!

*** Remember Children under 18 are welcome to come along however it is an adult comedy show
with adult humour so it is up to their parents if they come along ***

*Depending on how many people stay back. The club will remain open to its advertised closing time.